Lawbreakers Should NOT be Lawmakers! John Green Can’t Be Trusted!

In 2015, tax auction off his log home in Athol.  At one time, Hart owed nearly $600,000 in federal taxes and $50,000 in state taxes.  Guess who was his attorney through much of this tax dispute?  Legislative District 2 Candidate John Green.  Perhaps Hart chose Green because birds of a feather flock together.  Recently, the Coeur d’Alene Press reported that John Green has a federal tax lien of his own, because he owes more than $134,000 in back taxes.  Green calls the lien “totally bogus,” but the Kootenai County clerk quickly undercut that claim: “Liens either are or aren’t satisfied – there’s no middle ground.”  This isn’t a rounding error; it takes a serious, deliberate effort to get that far behind on your taxes.  Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Like most conservatives, we were outraged when Obama chose so many tax cheats to serve in his cabinet.  People who think they are above the law have no place making the law.  John Green can’t be trusted.