Opening 13,000 acres for the public to enjoy

Idaho has long been synonymous with the outdoors; one of America’s last frontiers. Few places in the world provide the access to high quality of life next to the pristine and beautifully rugged environment found in North Idaho. This coexistence drives North Idaho’s economy by bringing tourism and by attracting workforce professionals from around the[…]

Incentives That Really Do Work

Here’s How your North Idaho Legislators Voted: As conservatives, we know that government doesn’t create jobs, but it can create a favorable (or unfavorable) environment for businesses to grow and succeed.  We also know that states compete against each other for businesses and jobs, using every tool at their disposal.  A fundamental question is should[…]

Threatening Our Private Property Rights

Here’s How your North Idaho Legislators Voted:   The issue of taking Federal Lands and transferring ownership to the states is one that certain politicians seem keen to capitalize on as a cure-all for various woes related to state sovereignty.  However, history and reality are significant barriers to many of the ideas related to such[…]

Suicide hurts us all: prevention and awareness

Everyone has been touched, in one way or another, by suicide. This is a health issue in Idaho, a mental health issue. Whether it is the immediate family, extended family or friends, co-workers or fellow students, the survivors experience a range of complex grief reactions including guilt, anger, abandonment, denial, helplessness and shock. We need[…]

Better ID? You bet

Remember when we wrote checks and our driver’s license number was required to verify that you were really you? It was easy to recall, since it happened to be your Social Security number. It was a different time then and identity theft not so common. This column explores Idaho’s recent legislative responses concerning the federal[…]

Education funding bill showed big differences

One of the most important issues our state legislators are asked to address every year is the education of our children. As conservatives, we believe this is as it should be. Education is better addressed by the state and by local school districts, rather than a far-off federal government. Local communities get to make sure[…]