Education improvement: Yes or NO?

This week, we wanted to focus once again on education, but rather than pick out a single piece of legislation, we thought we would discuss several. As you read along, it will become clear why. Over the last several years, Gov. Butch Otter has come out with a list of critical legislative priorities that will[…]

Get to know your candidates

For the past year, voters nationwide have been inundated with information about the presidential candidates. Yet far too frequently, local voters are frustrated about how difficult it is to find information about local candidates seeking public office. Complaints include a lack of accurate backgrounds about candidates, their stances on issues, or where to access their[…]

Groups Compete for GOP Control

When I heard recently about Gov. Butch Otter forming a political action committee, the first question that came to mind was … why? At first blush, it doesn’t make sense for a governor – three years away from being an elder statesman – dividing the party. I’ve heard it described as a top-down manipulation, pay-to-play[…]

Most Important Election- May 17th!!!

The MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IS ON MAY 17 – NOT in November.  Make your vote count – it’s easy! Voters may request an absentee ballot from the County Clerk and election office now through Wednesday, May 11. Absentee ballots must be returned to the County Clerk by 5 pm on Tuesday, May 17 – ELECTION DAY![…]